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New England Journal of Medicine comments on Antivaccinationist

The New England Journal of Medicine publishes a perspective article on the antivaccinationist movement

This issue of the New England Journal of Medicine published a well written article on the antivaccinationist movement. This article was written after accusations of fraud were brought against Wakefield. Continue reading

Commentary on British Medical Journals finding that autism study was an elaborate fraud

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) today published an article that went further than the previous position of merely retracting the article published by Wakefield in the Lancet by outright calling the article not just bad science but a deliberate fraud. Anyone who read the original article when it came out would have thought that it did not make sense then either. Yet the lay press ran with the article. Conspiracy theorist, most of whom probably did not read the article ran with the idea that we are poisoning our children.

Continue reading

An excellent review on the future developments of influenza vaccines

This review was published in the Nov 18th, 2010 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. It does a great job detailing the vaccine production and some of the pitfalls in developing newer universal vaccines; influenza vaccines that do not require annual shots. It is a must read.

Seasonal Influenza Flu – How often do side effects occur?

Lately I have been approached several times about the incidence of fever post vaccination. Data suggests that it is a rare and benign issue at best. In a placebo controlled trials it was no more frequent than in the control group.

Placebo-controlled trials demonstrated that among older persons and healthy young adults, administration of TIV is not associated with higher rates for systemic symptoms

Therefore the presence of low grade fever or the concern for fever should not be a contraindication for vaccination.

Also of interest is the recurring concern for Guillian-barre. In this series there were no cases in over 4 million doses administered.

This is link to the 2010-11 summary of the reported adverse reactions to influenza vaccination.