Antiviral medications- indications

Most patients presenting to physician offices and emergency rooms with an influenza like illness (ILI) will not require antiviral treatment with Tamiflu (Oseltamivir).

The following groups have indications for treatment with antiviral agents
1. Early treatment with Oseltamivir is recommended for all hospitalized patients with suspected or confirmed ILI.

2. Patients with ILI and suspected lower respiratory tract illness, regardless of age or underlying conditions

3. The following should be treated with oseltamivir if presenting with an ILI even if not hospitalized
a. Symptomatic children <2 yrs of age
b. Symptomatic adults over the age of 65
c. Symptomatic pregnant women
d. Symptomatic persons with chronic diseases; asthma, cardiomyopathy, renal, hepatic, blood dyscrasias, diabetes. Also persons with ch neurologic conditions that may suffer with respiratory compromise such as seizures, spinal cord injuries, strokes.
e. symptomatic persons with long term immunosuppression including HIV

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