Influenza cases finally dropping- an update

The past few weeks are finally beginning to show a declining trend in the number of cases with influenza like illness (ILI) presenting to the ER . The last wave appears to have peaked the week of Oct 12-18 when we saw about 17% of visits to the ER having an ILI. The week of Nov 9-15 had 6% of visits with ILI. This week may be even lower. This is a welcome relief from the peak levels of mid Oct.

Nationally the same declining trend appears to be taking place with fewer states reporting active H1N1.

Does this mean that the season is over or that vaccination is not necessary? The answer is no to both.

Influenza does come in “waves”. We had a wave over spring break and another in Oct. We may get another wave in the next month or so. Having enough herd immunity through vaccination can minimize the wave by decreasing the number of susceptible individuals in the community. Remember the vaccination is of greater benefit for the community than for the individual. We all go a long way in protecting those who cannot protect themselves. So those who have not gotten their vaccinations should still do so.

On a side note; We are continuing to have intensive care hospitalizations due to influenza related complications. This week we have two otherwise healthy individuals between the ages of 45-50 with severe pneumonia related complication in the ICU. Both cases have been ill for over a month before seeking medical help. Both would have been infected during the last wave of influenza. Neither of them were vaccinated.

Remember even though the wave may have past. There are still people that may still be suffering from delayed complications.

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